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New APP - Your online catalog
04 / 05 / 2021

New APP - Your online catalog

Available on:

 - Google Play

 - App Store


AUTOFREN SEINSA App is a search engine that will assist you to find the repair kit you need for your vehicle.

You will be able to identify all AUTOFREN SEINSA
products with different search systems:

- Search by Product: You can find the repair kit number by directly entering any AUTOFREN SEINSA reference, OE reference or another brand reference. In this option you can also scan the barcode of the AUTOFREN SEINSA product with your device and access its information sheet.

- Vehicle Search: You can use this option to search by vehicle and see all the AUTOFREN SEINSA repair kits available for it.

With the new AUTOFREN SEINSA App you can be updated about our products and new developments, whether you are a professional or not:
- Description of the article, status, characteristics.
- OE references
- Applications
- Image
- Videos: Manufacturing process & Quality Control, How to repair...?
- Information brochures: Products, Failures and kit to repair it...
- News

All this information, updated monthly, will help you identify the repair kit you need with accuracy.

You have everything you need in your pocket!

With our NEW APP, find the most suitable repair kit for your vehicle.

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