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SEINSA fosters women’s leadership in the automotive industry
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01 / 08 / 2021

SEINSA fosters women’s leadership in the automotive industry

The Spanish SEINSA Corporation Group, leading manufacturer of automotive brake, suspension, steering and transmission system products, launches an equality plan to prevent gender wage gaps and to promote women’s access to managerial positions. This initiative is born in the discussion forums implemented in the company aiming to foster a fluid, empathetic and transversal communication, as well as to design the Group strategy with the contribution of all the employees.

The company has had an ongoing growth in employment, going from 100 employees in 2010 to 300 by 2021 with an average age of 40, which defines SEINSA as a young company (in terms of average age). Furthermore, 60 new permanent employment contracts have been secured in the last years. The current salary on offer is 20% above the market rate, and 57% of the staff are women. In the last five-year period, 12 of the 15 early-retirement plans have been granted to women, and there has been six internal promotions for women out of a total of eight. “Success lies in gender equality and the integration of women in the business network; missing out on female talent would greatly affect the net income of SEINSA”, claims Mikel Azcárate, Head of Strategic Development & New Business at SEINSA Corporation. “Thanks to the discussion forums we have achieved an equality plan that aims to protect, motivate, and empower women. Additional benefits are also being obtained, like a salary 20% above the collective agreement level and a pension plan for all employees”.

Facing a global economic crisis, business opportunities get stuck, as it happens at SEINSA Corporation. To successfully unclog the situation depends mainly on how much creativity and entrepreneurship is put at the service of employment, and here is where women play a key role: “The Company is carrying out two major strategic decisions led by women. Women have taken part in the negotiations with a Chinese client and they have succeeded to unblock the talks”.

The Spanish Group is in the midst of an expansion plan and making steps forward to achieving milestone agreements in the automotive spare parts industry. According to Mikel Azcárate, “All these would not have been possible without the ability to adjust, the continuous innovation, and the courage of our female leaders”.


Consolidating a people development area

These initiatives aim to consolidate a people development area, the business management model that SEINSA Corporation has been carrying out in the four companies of the group for 50 years. SEINSA efforts to train leaders to promote a comprehensive and ongoing innovation, while fostering competence management to boost creative talent and building high performance teams to apply innovation in all the organization processes.


A European model based on people

SEINSA Corporation has an expansion plan for a 40% growth in the next three years, increasing the annual sales volume, after having reached a 30 million euros turnover last year, despite and against the foresight for the automotive industry in general. 98% of the company sales income comes from export sales for 83 brands in 85 countries.

The company has become established in Spain as a pioneer in the development of the European model for Business Excellence and it makes all their anti-crisis knowledge and methodology available for the whole automotive industry and other sectors that make up the Spanish business network.

In 2002, SEINSA was granted the European EFQM Award for quality control and in 2005 it opened a new manufacturing plant in Chennai (India), which has allowed the company to enter new markets, mainly in the U.S.A.

In 2020 SEINSA was recognised by the Basque Innovation Agency INNOBASQUE as one of the most innovative companies in Spain.



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