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SEINSA sets target in Las Vegas
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12 / 11 / 2021

SEINSA sets target in Las Vegas

The American continent is looking for European suppliers

The Spanish Group SEINSA Corporation, leading manufacturer for automotive brake parts, announces a business trip to Las Vegas where the European suppliers for automotive parts are increasing their market share due mainly to a global supply crisis. “Buyers worldwide are shifting away from China and considering sourcing in other areas”. Despite the difficulties and health restrictions that force the team to quarantine two weeks in México, the Spanish company from Navarra is willing to participate at the prestigious AAPEX Show 2021 in Las Vegas, the most important international fair for the automotive industry in the American continent. “Being present in Las Vegas is key to understand in which direction is the industry moving forward: The American continent is sourcing for suppliers in Europe, helping to strengthen the European market and aiming not to depend on China”, states José Antonio Espinosa, CEO of SEINSA Corporation. Europe has once again been the leading exponent, first in Frankfurt and now in Las Vegas. Next stop, Automechanika Istanbul, an International Automotive Industry Fair to be held in Istanbul between 18-21 November.


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